ohhh.... The End of Summer.

It's been quite comfortable around here in Rhode Island lately. It may be the end of Summer, but it sure feels like it's going out on a good note. In fact, though the kids have started school and time is short these days, there's still some time left for some afternoon 'outside' time. The swimming pool is getting a bit cooler, so that's not as popular. And, the ocean water isn't fairing much better, in the kids opinion. But, get a bit of running water from the well, a few carefully placed rocks, a feather for a flag, and some sticks - you got yourself some afternoon delight.

The kids played for almost two hours like this. They'd move around the running water, making dams and then bridges. Then, they'd let the dam burst, start jumping in place and screaming with glee and start the whole process over again. My husband says the singular thing of Summer he will miss is looking out over his studio desk through the window and watching the kids play happily like this.

Soon, the leaves that are already starting to change a bit of color will start falling, the weather will get cooler and cooler. But, for now, this could be Summer forever.... and nothing could be more simple. Happy Autumn!