A Farmer's Market at the White House?

Well, on the heels of my previous post about my own humble garden comes the news that the White House is reportedly (particularly Michele Obama) behind the idea of allowing a weekly farmer's market adjacent to the White House property. Apparently it is being encouraged by Mrs Obama as part of her ongoing campaign to raise attention about the average Nutrition and Diet in this country. What a GREAT message to send out! More fresh veggies and fruits in our diets ..... now who would want to dispute that! The market is supposed to feature 18 local farmer/producers selling fruits and veggies, naturally raised meats, cheese, eggs, and baked items. No one knows for sure if the White House garden will be involved or not, but it has been suggested that the White House assisted in promoting the planning permission to allow it. It appears it will only show up on a weekly basis from Mid September to end of October for now. You can read more about it at the BBC here, or at the New York Times here, or at the Guardian Newspaper here.