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until now I have been gun-shy about dipping my toe into politics, but today on a friends facebook page I found this wonderful little cartoon. I thought was a nice way to explain the whole health care issue. I will say flat out I am not trying to offend anyone, step on any toes, or tell anyone how to run the country, but I will say this, I can't afford health care and I think it's ridiculous that I can't.

I hope that you enjoy this video as much as I did... and I hope it helps spread the word in a peaceful way that our health care system in this country needs to change.

And another thing, I think that the US postal service is AMAZING! (for .42 cents!)


Shannon Baer said...

How nicely and clearly put- thanks for sharing!

Lizzy on the Counter said...

Thanks. I'm overwhelmed by all the healthcare reform chatter. This cartoon was right up my alley.

Bethann said...

so simple and clear. thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but my brother, a mountain bike racer, works as a temp and has purchased his own plan out of pocket that has covered him through some terrible ride accidents! And my husband and I have both been out of work at times prior to our marriage and also purchased our own coverage out of pocket when we needed. If you can't afford health care, there must be money management issues in your household.

On another note, how often do you hear people complain about all of the other government-run services in the country? Is the DMV a joke for no reason? How many damaged magazines and packages have you received lately? And don't even get me started on the school systems that keep getting more and more money thrown at them while test scores and attendance plunge!

And now they want to take control of the most important service my family receives? No thank you! I'll continue to pay for my family and all of those without insurance visiting ER rooms their primary care physicians if need be (and I was there last weekend and not a single other person at Children's Hospital had insurance in the ER...and none were turned away). If it means I can take my children to the doctor to receive the care they need when I see fit, then I will.

Nothing in life is free. There is no reasonable answer for how you can add 52 million people without adding doctors and expect to keep the service you've been receiving the same. It simply can not happen. Health care needs reform, but not like this.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have a health plan for our family (we have 2 children). We pay quite alot for a pretty restrictive plan. Now, I'm not a strong advocate for BIG government, but there are just some things that need to be regulated by a government mandate. We've seen far to many times what private industry can and will do when it is not overseen - just take a look at the Wall Street excesses. I'm fully behind privatizing the postal industry though - I'd support that. But, Financial Institutions (Banking), Defense, and Health are just way to important, and highly suspect, to leave to private industry. Anyway, in due respect, where were all these fiscal conservatives when the previous president took us into a war that was not needed. How much did we spend on that again? And for what?
It's a shame (to my way of thinking) that we would offer such tremendous support in defense of our privatized Health industry under the guise of some sort of strange patriotism. Anybody in their right mind can see that some kind of strong comprehensive regulation is in order. this is not an issue of BIG government. It's an issue of BIG money. So says I. thank you for the post. I love how your blog covers various topics :)
Kelly P

Anonymous said...

I think a healthy debate is a good thing for our country. I am in support of an overhaul of our health care system - it needs to be reconsidered and fixed. Many opponents seem to confuse that term 'overhaul' and instead like to brand it 'socialism' or government 'takeover' - both of which are just plain hyperbole and furthermore, just plain wrongheaded... sorry, but that's how I feel. Did you know that we are the only rich nation in the world that has worse national health statistics than some struggling nations? I'm not in favor of a govt takeover of the health care system, and in the end I don't think there will be one. But I do expect there to be some major overhaul. The system as it is now fails only the many who can not simply afford it, or the many more who have a plan (like me) that is overly complicated and weighs in the direction of my health provider in the details.The rich will hardly be affected. You know who is really afraid of an overhaul - the Health Insurers and anyone else who makes a killing (yes, that's the right word) financially from the current regulation. Those that scream and yell either believe the worst case scenarios only (the world is always black or white for them) or are in the pockets of the health industry. They like to make is sound like its a moral question - but it's about money money money. Wrapping yourself in our great country's flag can't hide that (yes, I too served my country in case you wondered)fact. How about this for a fact: After Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11/2001 we went to war and spent hundreds of billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of dollars!!!!!)for a war that wasn't necessary and to ensure that this would not happen again (and well over 3,000 of our fighting men and women perished too). Yet every two months, that many people die because of our failure to provide universal insurance — and yet many members of Congress want us to do nothing? A civil debate in Congress and the Senate over such topics as health care for illegal immigrants,elderly care, a purely government run option, and possible deficit spending are ALL things that are fair in this debate - and should be debated. But, please do me and yourself a favor: don't turn it into some kind of anti-patriotic thing just because you think it's a left wing conspiracy. That's just soooooo wrong. Sorry for long comment. I'm passionate about this cause and think it's important for our country. Your blog seems a civilized place to have this kind of discourse, so I thought I'd share my opinion. god bless. SB in FL

Carla said...

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

Water treatment and police are locally government-run, not federally, as the proposed healthcare plans of Obama would have it.

I live in Massachusetts and the government recently increased our sales tax rate in a time of economic difficulty for all MA residents. I think the goverment should learn to work with the money they have rather than taxing us more and more.

Food and shelter are essential. Maybe the federal government should provide those services as well.

These are the problems I have with your posted video, less than one minute in.

You seem to think this video was neutral. It is not.

Perhaps the government should provide bread and milk so we can be sure the prices charged for these items are fair. This follows the logic that the USPS ensures fair postage rates.

Why do you trust the government so much? Why are you so suspicious of private companies that create jobs?

Competition is the key to fair prices. Federal healthcare would erase competition.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for focusing on this issue. I'm not in agreement with competition being erased by a fed healthcare system. First, I don't think there will be a fed healthcare system like Medicare. I think, from my understanding, the President is forcing a radical overhaul. At least that is what I voted for, and I have health ins. The health care system has long been left free to do as it pleases - as long as it makes top dollar. And it does.

As for protests, I think that the people behind this issue, and any other to come, will just keep throwing spears in the dark until they can hit something. Where were these same protesters when the last president, at the eleventh hour, just threw almost 1 TRILLION DOLLARS at the banking/financial system without any debate. And, now they protest the stimulus package. Strange? And, what about Government throwing large large sums at the auto industry, to help it because those few companies have become integral to our system, when for years those same few companies lorded it over society as a whole and played a big big role in cutting back many mass transport systems (just look at what happened to LA over the years). We should also be outraged over the expenditure (still ongoing) of BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS (and lives) for a war that looks increasingly like it was just a few peoples philosophy. If I'm going to pay my taxes, and boy do I - then I'd like my money to be spent on something like a decent health care system - and not BANK, AUTO INDUSTRY, and MILITARY bailouts and budgets. Why don't we wave the american flag for that?

I like our President, I think he really means well. I'm willing to trust him to do the right thing. And, you know what - if he doesn't do the things I voted for, then, just like my senators, governors, representatives, etc.... I will vote for someone else. That's how democracy works. Not a bunch of screaming and yelling and name calling. That's just a game. You can play it if you want. I don't subscribe to that. God Bless! Mark (AZ)

Anonymous said...

Here's a good article in the NYTimes if you're interested:

thanks, PF

nonchalant mom said...

I just wanted to poke my head into this debate quickly. I've tried to keep my blog free of to much political content because I'm just not comfortable preaching my own personal agenda, and that's not what I wanted my blog to be about in the first place. Nonetheless, I liked this video and the simple explanation, so I shared it. Since then, I've recieved many emails and the comments above. I just wanted to say, that no matter what side you have chosen in this debate, I have not received one mean or negative message. It's a tough issue for sure. But, so far, at least on this blog - everyone has been civil and respectful. And, that says alot! Thank you.