LEGO Big and Small

Last weekend, the kids were a little bored. As it happens, I find that if you re-introduce an 'old' toy into the mix, the results can be refreshingly new. So, we pulled out all our Lincoln Logs, Legos, TinkerToys, and wooden blocks, and the kids started building like we had just purchased all of them new! Before long, there was a dock for the pirate ship, a space station, and a mountain gondola (my husband helped rig it up for them to transport people back and forth across the room). Hours of fun. Go figure. I was reminded how fun it can be to watch the kids work away like that, totally engrossed. It's why I found the story from Blair at WiseCraft so funny. Her kids spent the day recently obsessively building a Lego city from the ground up, as she tells it. I didn't take pics of our kids creation (you might not have been able to tell what half the stuff they built was anyways) that day, but I've added some of Blair's pics of her children's city. My husband says it reminds him of when he and his brother and sisters would build a great city out of overturned boxes and Hot Wheel tracks. There's all sorts of fun things you can do once you've got some building going on.

Blair's kid's Lego City !!

Which reminds me, there's one adult who is taking the building thing to the max. In Surrey, England there is a man by the name of James May (A host of a show on the BBC) who has been building a life size home from Lego blocks. With the help of thousands of enthusiasts building brick by brick one little Lego at a time (millions of the things), the home was started a month or so ago. It's supposed to be finished right about now but I couldn't find any news about it. Mr May has every intention of living in the house for a brief period and this is probably why the local authority became curious and took a closer look. Apparently, though, the house is still being built. I just love the color of the house. I also guess you won't have to worry about mold. Whatever the scale - happy building to both kids and adults!
Life Size Lego House !!