just a glimpse of the process...

I think that the images on Nonchalant Mom are really one of the most important things about my website, it's what makes my website really stand out -- at least that's what everybody tells me! But I really love them too... I take all of the pictures myself and I use my kids because I can bribe them and use "my own language" (to put it in a nice way) with them.

I have tried with other kids and it takes too much effort, and my kids are just used to it so it's really easy with them! People sometimes criticize me for using them all the time but they have no idea what it takes to sit down with kids, change outfits and have them smile... my son Sander is a pro, he should be, he's been doing it for 5 years now!

The house turns into a mini photoshoot when I do the "flats" because I usually save up collections and then do the all at once, in the summer it's outside on the deck, it's the best sun (or really a slightly cloudy day is best). This year we had sun tarps out on the deck (leftover from our Moroccan party!) and they reflected perfectly for flat images.

I try to keep it all fun, fast and easy... but sometimes it turns into a bit of a struggle and then I have to call in my husband who helps out. Most of the time it's a breeze and we all have fun with it. Everyones favorite is the karate pictures (you have never seen the result of these on the website as they are usually running down the hall arms out and leg straight up - Hiay YA!) Most importantly I want you to see the clothing in action, close-up and get an idea of the fit. So they may be boring with the same background all the time but I don't want you to get distracted.

I can't imagine what I am going to do when the kids grow up but for now they are my perfect models!