It's Back to School !!

My son went back to school today, he is very excited to be starting the 2nd grade. My daughter starts her last year of preschool next week. And, if you believe my post the other week where I'm wishing for a return to a more structured routine, then you'd think I turned my back on my son today as he entered the school and ran through the nearby fields happily. NOT so. Instead it was all very bittersweet for my husband and I to pack him off this morning - even if he could hardly contain himself with eagerness. From a quick glance later on Facebook I noticed I wasn't alone. Parents everywhere are conflicted and a bit sad. Tired, and perhaps drained, from all the Summer fun we were all too happy to confess our relief at the return of the school year. Now, we're all a little misty eyed at the prospect of our little ones going off to school for the day. Go figure!

Any parents want to share their story about sending their children off to school for the first time? I remember how strange it felt not to have them around. You get so used to them being attached at the hip early on that the transition can be a bit abrupt... and then strangely lonely. For those few hours it's like you almost don't know what to do with yourself. Maybe take a nap?!?