SIGG water bottles - make sure yours is BPA free

When I was writing the last story about drinking water I realized that I wanted to better explain the issues with SIGG. A story broke recently that there was traces of BPA in SIGG water bottles made before August 2008 (see below for all of the links). It is in the epoxy that was used in the lining of their bottles, which makes me really wonder about all of those bottles that are made by various companies in china and other places... So as always its important to buy from a brand that you have checked out or that specifically produces BPA free containers. There are quite a few BPA free bottles out there, we use Nalgene in our house.

There has been a lot of backlash and SIGG is now willing to replace your old water bottle with a new one. A lot of people are very angry to say the least and it's all very heated. But I think that Treehugger does a good job of just keeping the facts straight and letting people know what to do now.

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