brown rice - fixed up!

We really try to eat brown rice just about every day, and I know that it can get really boring sometimes. I like to turn them into croquettes or a stir-fry on day 2, anything to change it bit from the plain old brown rice. That said, I do think it's important that your kids just get friendly with brown rice, they certainly may complain at first but I promise you the tenth time they won't even think anything of it so just keep it coming!

The other day I made this 'souped-up' version of my brown rice and it was so good, the whole family swallowed it up! So here is how it goes, and I think that I will call this Garden Brown Rice!

make your brown rice as I do in my Brown Rice 101 recipe (click here)

Garden Brown Rice

I just took everything from my garden, you can also use everything from your vegetable drawer in your refrigerator just chop it up fine! Mine went something like this:
-3-4 cloves garlic chopped or sliced thin
-two leeks chopped up
-two beet leaves
-chopped carrot
-handful of basil
-bunch of parsely
-some oregano
-handful of cherry tomatoes

So at the end of cooking the rice I put the beet leaves chopped up.
In a separate pan I sauteed the garlic, leeks, carrots and oregano.
Just remember if you want to boil your vegetable add it at the end of cooking your brown rice, if you want saute it do it with the garlic and if it's better fresh just throw it in at the end!
When the rice was done I just threw it all in there! stirred it up and viola!

In the photo I have it served with salmon baked with leeks.