WASHINGTON dc - travel guide with kids

getting ready to go on our trip to DC... does anyone have more Hervé Chapelier bags than we do... we love them for easy travel. (yes, you have to use muscle instead of wheels!) I recommend pink so that your husband (or anyone else) doesn't steal if from you!

(the buried giant - sculpture at National Harbor)
 We stayed at two different hotels in the four days that we were there, we thought this would give us two different perspectives and it was a great idea. We stayed at the National Harbor the first two nights and then we moved into the city for the last two nights. On the first day we had been on a plane, subway, boat, and car! crazy man...

boat ride to DC from National Harbor

Obama the 44th president.. we tricked everyone with this one!

the beautiful subway system! very efficient!

even my Hasbeens made it to DC!

finally some sunshine! (kit+lili dress!!)

who put that there!?

yes, the garden actually exists.. right on the front lawn!! take note... you can put these anywhere!

The Air and Space museum - the one out by Dulles airport, it has the space shuttle... amazing!!
my chosen mode of transportation

when we found this bike rental place we went crazy! Bike and Roll and don't you forget it!! the best way to get around the city!

We rented bikes for two days... it was a super way to get around the city and see all the sights, I saw dozens of kids complaining about walking around and being tired but our kids were so excited to be on bikes, it worked perfectly! You feel a little weird sometimes riding around while everyone is walking but since it's all National Parks we were assured it's perfectly fine! Rent them from Bike and Roll a terrific company, it's just like bike people to be super nice and easygoing!

The National Gallery
When the lines get long at the Museum of National History get your butt over to the National Gallery, as my husband says "I know a place where there will be NO lines!" and he was right... we spent hours looking at all the art, it's amazing the depth of the art collection at this museum.

after a long day don't stop at the regular vendors make your way over to OLLIES TROLLEY! The best milkshakes and it's right next to the spy museum!

Washington DC is a wonderful place to visit... we loved it and it was amazingly fun, interesting and if you take your time and not try to pack too much into the day the whole family can have a BLAST!

Just email me or comment if you want more details we would be happy to share everything!!