T-magazine does it again!

I have been meaning to post about the Spring Design issue for a few weeks now (it's been sitting on my desk and I can't stop picking it up and dreaming!). I knew when I saw this cover that I would be interested... how could you not love that! If you didn't catch it you still can online and among the fabulousness that the issue is I loved The Dinder House, this will go down in history for inspiration for me (although it does look a little un-lived in) and I also loved the incredibly inspiring landscape design of Judy Kameon.

Let's start with the Georgian Manor; Dinder House, reinvented by London designer Ilse Crawford. Talking about re-inventing a home; move the kitchen to the living room, change rooms into bathrooms -- the result is a completely different living arrangement. The family is welcome and each room is wide open, everything is spacious and no-one or nothing is cut out.

cabinet by Studio Job

My very favorite part was this custom marquetry cabinet by Studio Job (top image) - it transforms this room from cold to family cozy! (it is a work of art in itself!) Somehow Ilse warms up the rooms with just one item, it's a bit of a lesson in restraint... a lot of it in fact! Take a room and distill it down to it's bare purpose and this seems to be what she have done with their entire house -- VERY unique and VERY lovely!

Turn to the next pages and you will see... beautiful landscape design!

I was also inspired by this issue with the landscape design of Judy Kameon (this is a completely different story although maybe they should get to know each other...) her completely unique take on gardens gave me ideas that flipped my color relationship completely! I love her use of dark stones, dark painted walls and then bright cactus and hues of purples... just amazing. With our 'possible' plans to move to 'another place' wherever that might be, I can even imagine the Southwest!

be inspired!
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