the flu

I don't know if it happened in your community or if it's still going on for you, but here in Rhode Island the flu went around like crazy, I don't know anyone who DIDN'T get it! Which got me to thinking... maybe the flu in the Spring is a good thing. It's kind of a re-set for your body, I know that it's scary when your kids get the flu, and I am not a doctor, but in this family I don't get to crazy if my kids don't eat for a day, but beyond that I get concerned.

I DO think that the flu gives your body a chance to clean out and start over, our bodies are actually telling us to give it a fast and clean it out and it's not asking, it's DEMANDING. It's come down to that... Wasn't there a time when almost every religion suggested a fast? I think it's something that is important for your body to change into the new season and new habits and less of the heavy eating that Winter dictates.

So the next time you get the flu in the Spring, just think of it as part of the cycle and let it happen.