Bedwetting is such a typical struggle and just a mystery if you happen to have girls, because it just doesn't seem to happen... it seems to be more of a problem for boys. There are many different approaches, like limiting beverages after 7 or 8pm, night time diapers or there is even, unfortunately, medications that can be prescribed. You can even wake them up take them to pee at about midnight and there you go... no peeing in the bed (this was our particular choice). Believe me this is totally normal, and if you talk to friends with boys they will probably have the same story.

When I told my sister about this she told me that within her group of friends, a bunch of whom have boys, all concurred that at nine years old it just stopped. So we just looked forward to that ninth birthday! A few weeks before 'said' birthday I told our son about what was going to happen when he turned nine and I saw the wheels turning in his mind. Miraculously, a week before his ninth birthday, he started to wake up and go to the bathroom by himself or even better just not wet his bed, it just ended.. just at his ninth birthday!

I thought it was pretty crazy, and I know how difficult it is and when your kids are five years old.. nine seems so far away, but it will come one day... and you will wake up and not have to wash the sheets! I loved the suggestion that Dr. Michel Cohen has, teach him to wash the sheets himself! It makes the whole thing even less of a problem because you don't have to deal with the laundry! (love that!!)

So when you are waking up to take your child to pee at midnight you are going to think of me... and then just remember, on his ninth birthday... it will all just magically come to an end! TADA!

What are your suggestions...