spring break

that's me under the tree - april fool!

Have you had your family panic for spring break yet... if not, I'm here to help... maybe! We had our panic on Monday. Where are we going to go? ...somewhere warm please. Can we get tickets? ..too late for Florida... and so on. I just so ends up that we are going to go to Washington DC, I'm very excited because I have never been, I wanted to go while Obama was in The House, and I hope that we may get a glimpse of the Cherry Blossoms! So after a two day furry of online searching we are staying the Donovan House and starting our research on what we want to see (my husband and I always have different views on this... always makes for a schizophrenic trip!).

I have to say that most of me wanted to make my way to Florida and bask on a warm beach in the sunshine! But that was not in our cards... too bad... but if you want to get yourself to warmth and quick there is no better way than good ole Florida for that, it's a short trip with kids, relatively cheap and just hanging on the beach is always good. I found a couple of nice places, not too expensive, that I thought were good choices, I found both through Jetsetter (if you are not already a member join, it's free, and it's a good resource for any travel).

B Hotel - in Fort Lauderdale, FL - I'm not sure but I think that the "B" stands for "beach", it's simple, it's on the beach, the food looks good what more could you ask for!? Jetsetter is offering a deal for $160/night.. sounds pretty good to me!

Costa d'Este Beach Resort - in Vero Beach, FL - Simple, cute and small (just how I like resorts) This place looks like a little paradise which just happens to have terrific Cuban food! (so maybe if you are already going to be nearby, stop in for dinner). They also have a crazy egg shape bathtub that would be any kids dream!!

Where ever you are going and even if you are staying home we wish you a happy and fun SPRING BREAK!

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