I know that this has happened to just about each and every one of you... the horror of shopping for a swimsuit in the springtime! White pasty body, still covered with winter weight, it's never a good ending.. if you can just put off the new swimsuit until you are ready for it, a bit into summer when you and your body have adjusted to the sight.

But if you are in need of the best swimsuit you will ever have you should trot on over to Malia Mills, and if you can't just stop by online where you will see beautiful shapes of all sizes and forms wearing her perfect swimsuits online! No skinny minny models here, just gorgeous real women! (boy is SHE smart)... If you have any questions at all, call them because they are super knowledgeable on fit. When I stopped in for a new swimsuit, she showed me one that I said NO WAY to, but when I tried it on... it was certainly the best fit I have ever had on a swimsuit!

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