ABC flashcards - learning the ABC's

As you know, our daughter Franny had trouble with her ABC's and suddenly wasn't really interested in learning them... yikes! I wrote a post on my blog and many of you had some great comments and ideas! We used them all AND we made these wonderful flashcards.

One rainy day, we found things around the house that started with each letter of the alphabet, our son got into it and helped out as well, it made for a fun little project that we all worked on together. Through it all Franny got to work on her ABC's and spelling and she loved the project!

So, this is what you will need:
camera, computer, a graphic tool to add the numbers to your photos like InDesign, colored paper and some spray mount.

We collected items as we went along and took photos, when the kids lost interest, I just took photos without them and as soon as they saw that... they ran back and got into the game! It's best to find a wall without any distractions in the background, I like to use a white wall because it just fades into the background, but you can use a bed, table or any kind of 'stage'. It helps to have a staging area for the whole project.

When the photos are done you can simply load them onto your computer, I like to use iPhoto to pump up the color and make them bright and fun. Arrange everything you are working on in an easy folder so that it's all together. Then take the images into your design tool and add the letters, we like to use bright colors for this, and arrange four 'letters' per page so that you are only printing out 7 pages. I like to send my images to our local printer because a laser printer delivers really vibrant color that rarely works on our home printer. But either way can work.

When you have all the pages ready, use spray mount to adhere colored construction paper to the back side (I do this out side because the fumes are bad!). Spray the back side of the images lightly with one coat of spray mount and then spray one side of the construction paper, now put them together carefully. They will come together like cement so you won't be able to move them around after they touch each other. Let the pages dry for a bit and then take a paper slicer and slice out your cards! They come out perfectly neat and professional! (but they don't all necessarily have to be the same size.. that will drive you crazy!)

We use our card all the time and they love them.. and they can make a wonderful keepsake...


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