valentines ideas!

atsuyo et akiko grand locket (add your favorite photo!)

okay better late than never I always say... and I was looking around my store at all of the pink things I have and wanted to make sure that I brought them all to your attention, and then I just had some other ideas that I thought were good.. like Britt Beautiful SKIN BRUSHING kit! and more... so here we go:

atsuyo et akiko!
atsuyo et akiko - gem necklace

jess brown handmade dolls

something lovely from the new kit+lili spring collection!
and for mommy... britt beautiful skin, and more.. and well, not to be cynical but I usually like to go out and get something nice for myself on this day... nothing wrong with a special excuse for a day to treat yourself in a special way! so take this chance and take care of yourself too! (without feeling guilty about it!)

britt beautiful skin brushing system
top, crystal necklaces, and baby dupatta scarf - all by Matta
atsuyo et akiko bag

erica tanov diamond jacquard shawl

whatever you do I hope that you show love to everyone on this very special day!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! (it's on Monday... not today.. ha!)