Las Vegas

Last summer while taking our trip across the Southwest in the VW camper we started off in Las Vegas (it's where you can rent these wonderful campers from "leaving las vegas"), so I told you all about that... but what I didn't tell you is that we stayed at this great place while IN Las Vegas called The Palms Place. I found it on jetsetter, and if you are not already a member you should sign up... if you can't go places at least you can dream... each week they offer super deals on going just about anywhere, and you can count on jetsetter to come up with the best places where ever you want to go!

Las Vegas is never a destination when traveling with the kids that comes to mind, but honestly, it's ALWAYS cheap to fly to Las Vegas, and it's also, almost always cheap to stay there too. Now it's not exactly brimming with things for your kids to do, but they will just be fascinated by the lights and the action. If you just want to get away for a weekend, and not spend a bundle then Vegas is the place!

sun going down from terrace

I loved The Palms Place (not to be confused with The Palms!), amazing rooms that are super spacious and really exciting for kids (meaning really fun bathroom!), and a spectacular view! Everyone in the lobby was delightful with our kids, no snobs here, and yes, there were some people making out in the pool but it's Vegas and you just have to work around that! The restaurant offers organic food, perfect breakfasts, and we had a picnic on the terrace with room service for dinner (I would show you pictures but it was kind of a naked dinner as it was SO HOT there when we were there this summer, 118 degrees anyone!). The pool is not really a kiddie area but there were not too many people in the pool when we were there and it has a wonderful shallow area, they offered the kids smoothies (hold the booze please... ha!). The hotel is off the strip but I kind of liked that because it made for a better view of the strip and I didn't have to worry too much about being in the center of the madness!

Right now jetsetter is offering The Palms Place for $100/night - so sign up and see where it will take you... there are lots of other ideas!

I think that if you are going to go out on the stripe a nice place to go to dinner is the Paris Cafe, we sat out on the terrace which looks over the water show at the Bellagio (my favorite attraction) - you will have a nice dinner for yourselves and your kids will have TONS to look at, you may even get a visit from Jack Sparrow! like we did... kids went nuts!