recipes: breakfast oatmeal options

In the wintertime our favorite breakfast is oatmeal, maybe it's a swedish thing but by father used to say: "It's like cotton around your heart" and I almost always think about that when I eat it, and of course when my kids complain, I tell them what my dad said (not that it helps...)

So from time to time I like to try to spice it up or change things... here are some of my suggestions:

while you are cooking the oatmeal slice up some apples add some cinnamon and a bit of apple juice and water, if you have it you can add a bit of kuzu to thicken it (you can buy kuzu here it's made from a root and is a much better thickener than corn starch). Kids love cinnamon and did you know that it is a healthy boost against seasonal colds and flu?

we like to add lingonberries (you can buy them at Ikea or Felix lingonberries are delicious if you can find them), it makes it festive and red! if you want to add cream when you do this it's extra special and delicious.

if you happen to have brown rice the night before and have some leftover, you can add rice milk and raisins to it (or almond milk is delicious as well) and warm it up. I have a friend who brings rice to a boil the when she goes to be the night before and then just leaves it on the stove overnight and in the morning it's cooked perfectly, all you have to do is warm it up!

I don't know if this would work with the kids but recently I was in NYC and had farro made with sweet alomond milk and topped with toasted almonds and raisins it was so sweet and delicious! (I had it at La Pain Quotidian-they are all over NYC!) - I will try to make this one of these days and let you know!

barley or rice malt are the best sweeteners that you can buy, they are not as intensely sweet and are much healthier than maple syrup, honey or agave.

What do YOU do with your morning oatmeal? I would love some new ideas, please send them in!

good morning to you!