TCM :: 31 Days of Oscar

The Moon is Blue
We are bracing ourselves for just another snowstorm today and although we have had some wonderful fun outside (our neighbors have rigged a tow-rope on one of their hills so it's almost like a ski hill!) I have just discovered some fun on the good old fashioned TV. Starting on February 1st the Turner Classic Film channel has turned the month into a film festival, un-cut and commercial free! I don't know about you but classic films are my favorites!

The other day we caught a wonderful little film, The Moon is Blue ('53). Yesterday it was Funny Girl ('68), but each day offers at least one movie that will interest you. The other day there was also a mini Jack Nicholson moment and we caught Five Easy Pieces ('70)... my point is that you can go through the schedule and find something to interest you!

The kids said to me last night when I wanted to watch The Heiress ('49), "I don't want to watch a movie that is black and grey and white and stuff" .. there you go, but I am sure they will love something! If not I can go on and enjoy them all!

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