mom inc daily

From time to time I guest blog at a wonderful consortium of mom bloggers which is called Mom Inc Daily, which is a perfect name, all of the women that blog here have wonderful ideas and great blogging but they also are each in business for themselves. I love to check in from time to time and see what everyone is doing. We are all lead by Cat Seto, who designs her own stationary as well as curates this terrific blog.

Cat recently posted on her current favorite trend which is chevron.. one of my personal favorites too! (in fact once when I designed for a big brand name I designed a whole sweater collection on chevron... it was terrific, wonder if it ever made it to production!...??) Anyway, nostalgia... I love the bold pattern of chevron in your home and it always looks great. If you click through to Mom Inc Daily you can click through to find many of the items for sale on Etsy!

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