made by RAE

I do this sneaky thing from time to time and I can't believe I'm telling you about it... sometimes, when my customers use an email address that is their own I will look in and see what kinds of things they are up to! You know.. there you are packing boxes, looking at all the information, checking to see that you got everything in the box, then checking again... and whoha! there it is.. an email address as I got from 'made by RAE' all it takes is a click and there I am at their website or in this case blog.. and what a wonderful blog it is!

Made by RAE is a wonderful blog that... you guessed it.. is written by RAE a very creative young woman (actually I don't know if she is young or not but let's just...) who is sewing up a storm, and not only is she doing it herself, she is part of these amazing sewing meet-ups that... make me want to be a part of her corner of the world! which is Michigan!

photo used with permission

My favorite post is her recent project, which actually is the second of these tops she has made, the pierrot top I can't get over how cute this turned out and it looks delightfully fun and easy to make! She has amazing fabric references and well I just know I am going to keep Rae on my blogroll (isn't that what they call the blogs you look at just about every day!)

this is the first version Rae made months ago..

Thank you Rae for making creativity looks so easy and beautiful!

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