kids learning ABC's

Our daughter is just learning the ABC's in our typical nonchalant mom fashion we are totally late and maybe we just thought she would learn it by herself in Kindergarten, but we already knew that because it didn't work for our son either (he's in third grade and doing fine now so it didn't stunt his growth). I think what I am doing is reaching out to you! Honestly I was sure that she loved school and already knew the ABC's but when your kids have been in Montessori pre-school they have learned lower case and sounds (it was all supposed to come together this year but we sent her into kindergarten!), in public kindergarten they teach uppercase first! whoops! poor thing, she has no idea what they are and has never seen them...

So here we are half way through the year, pulled aside by her teacher and when she told me she didn't know how to write the ABC's yet I was surprised! I guess this is a bit of a forewarning for those of you with kids about to go into K, so start now! We are playing catch up and I feel so bad for her. We were naive parents and well honestly it probably has to do with laziness on our part and I also feel that they are in for so much school I didn't want to force learning on them at home too. I still don't think this is wrong (and I know it's okay because my son LOVES to read and write now, so no problem there...).

We are using flash cards and I am all about repetition, she comes home from school and writes the alphabet, before she goes to bed "Let's do it again!"... We looked at signs and letters all over NYC last weekend (NYC kids MUST know the alphabet immediately because letters are everywhere!), so it's going.. but if you have any tips... just tell us here!

thank you!