almost forgot to talk about cold season!

Somehow I almost forgot to talk about cold and flu this year... we have had no sign of anything in our family, knock on wood! But I think it's because we take very simple precautions. To some of you this may sound elaborate but really it just takes a few minutes at the end of the day and has been working well for us so far. I am also testing out a couple of new things that I feel have been a big help this year, the first is Thieves oil and second is an aromatherapy treatment. So here we go, our nightly regime is:

kids cold and flu aromatherapy treatment

1) shower or bath - if its a bath we but about 1/3 - 1/2 a cup of salt in the bathtub (no soap) and I try to let them soak in there for awhile. If someone is complaining about feeling sick, they go straight in to the salt water bath, it's my first remedy.

2) gargle with salt water (every night before bed) - add about a teaspoon of salt to warm water and have them gargle three times. then they just dip their fingers into the cup and wash out the inside of their nose.

3) Dr. Hauschka berberis nose balm - I think that this cream is just fantastic! we use it when we travel, when something is going around at school and just when you have the feeling you might be coming down with something... and it works every time! I think it great because you can use it as a guard against cold and flu germs when traveling, the berberis is a natural antiseptic and helps to kill anything that is entering the nasal passage. It is also a great everyday cream, it's soothing and natural enough to use every day.

If I feel that something may be coming on I use either Thieves oil or kids cold and flu aromatherapy to guard against anything coming at us. My sister found out about thieves oil last year and I have been testing it out on myself this last year, when I feel something coming on or I am going to be at the kids school for any reason I use the thieves oil to help guard against cold and flu. You can find out more about it, and also buy, thieves oil by clicking here - please let me know if you have good results!

i love aromatherapy treatment
thieves oil
Dr. Hauschka berberis nose cream

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Anonymous said...

I am a kindergarten teacher and just got strep throat for the second time this school year. I'm very curious about the Thieves oil--I clicked the link and could not find any directions on how it is used. How do you use it with your kids and at home? It is quite expensive, but I'm willing to give anything a try if I do not have to suffer through strep throat again!

nonchalant mom said...

the thieves oil comes in a very small container, I am just warning you so that you don't freak out at the size... BUT you will only use a few drops, I actually put it on my hand and then maybe on my earlobes, I smell it often throughout the day. I do the same with my children, I massage their earlobes with it and then love it! the scent it quite strong but it's lovely.

erica said...

my mom always made us gargle with warm salt water. i wash my hands frequently, especially after diaper changes and before meals, but somehow we just can't shake the stomach viruses this winter. any tips?

shisomama said...

my doctor recommends to all her patients that they use nasal saline every morning. she says it helps wash away some of the yuck, (my term, not hers of course) which helps keep us healthy. i think it's pretty similar to what you do with salt water gargling or to using a neti pot.

we have a bottle for each person in the house with their initial written on the bottom, and it really helps us, especially during the winter when our nasal passages get really dry.

somers said...

I'm having trouble finding Dr.Hauschka Berberis Nose Balm. I hear it's been discontinued. Say it isn't so!

nonchalant mom said...

I am checking around to see if I can find some... but you are right, it's been discontinued in the USA, if you have a friend in Europe you can get it there.. it seems Americans didn't like putting the creme in their noses... but call into Dr. Hauschka and complain and maybe we can get it to come back (it was only on the market here for one year!)

Molly said...

what kind of salt? epson or regular?

nonchalant mom said...

We use hain (brand) sea salt, I have been told you can use any but for some reason I like the idea of sea salt. If you want to go overboard you can use Si (brand) salt which you can buy in bulk from the Kushi Institute. another update.. I have not been able to get a hold of any Dr. Hauschka Berberis nose balm so if you find it please tell me!! Please try to call Dr. Hauschka and ask them to bring it back I was told that if they have enough requests they will bring it back. oohh please!