new york - seredipity and all that...

Sometimes things just don't go how we want them to... and then sometimes they do! It's been months, I have wanted a relaxing and inspiring day in NYC, it was supposed to be this weekend, and then the looming idea of another snowstorm made me frantically drive down to NYC (three hours), go to some shows and visit some showrooms, go back to the shows (just in time to make it to see erica tanov and layla) then quickly have a relaxing dinner (yes, only mom's know what I am talking about here) and then drive (three hours) back to Rhode Island to arrive just after the strike of midnight. Whew... so yesterday I felt sick to my stomach... and I took the day off.

Back in form today, everybody needs a night of a good book (or magazine in this case - Vanity Fair, thank you!) and early bedtime. New York was fast but very inspiring! I am very excited in what we are going to have to offer for womens collections and accessories, you will love it all! I have been holding back on 'bags' because, honestly I have not found the right mix of quality, simplicity and gorgeousness! Until now... but soon I will have an excellent selection of beautiful bags (more about that when they are here). I will mix up the collections next fall and offer some new ideas that I hope you will like as much as I do!

Back to work... packing all the boxes... !!