NYC inspiration!

I had a completely inspiring weekend, not in the way that I had planned, but it was inspiring none the less. We took off on Friday just after school was let out, I wasn't ready to go when everyone else was so there I was walking down our road to meet my husband and kids carrying my luggage. I'm sure that I looked like a well dressed vagabond (if I do say so myself), coming out of the woods with her Herve Chapelier luggage! hhhmm handsome!

jann and angela discussing what was GREAT at the show

Only dressed well in relation to where I was, the Rhode Island woods! NYC... not so much! At any rate, met the family by the mailboxes only to realize I forgot my cell phone, back to the house, everyone out to pee and we were on our way. I was planning to go to NYC for the Gift Show (NYGIF) because I haven't made it in a year or so and I was going to take a little holiday with my new book and a nice hotel room, a late birthday present to myself. (I must tell you that I read An Object of Beauty so it will be influencing my writing today... loved it!!!). Only to find out that the whole family was going and wasn't that going to be fun! (I had to think about that for a moment) But it really was so much fun in the end, the kids are hilarious in the city and their take on it is just the best!

The gift show was so very inspiring, I am seeing tea in the future for Nonchalant Mom, as well as jewelry (new!) and I finally met the inspiring man behind Kid-O toys! They are the best and I have been meaning to contact them and so it was wonderful to meet them and have a face to face introduction, we will have the toys, I promise you! Oh, and ditto for Rag & Bone bindery, they create wonderful photo books (brag books I think they call them) and also the best baby book ever. They are so very talented and unique AND they are Rhode Islanders to boot! There are more new things, much of which I have been working on this past year, that you will love.... very soon!

(Hibino makes their own tofu... delicious!)

We had a stay at a great hotel, that was very easy with kids, near Wall Street, which happened to be across the street from our old apartment. We saw a few artists with my husband, Moma, Museum of Natural History, and my favorite gallery; Uniqlo (just kidding!). I managed to get the family to my new favorite restaurant Hibino on Henry St in Brooklyn (between Atlantic and Pacific) - delicious Kyoto-style Japanese - together with Jann from Lucky Fish and her family!

and a visit to moomah - has to be one of my favorite places! (I know that I'm getting for valentines day!)

It turned out to be a fun and crazy weekend... AND I finished my book, love it! get it! (but I DO love Steve Martins stories!)

Have a great day!
(if you want more details on where to stay and whatever just email!)