off to NYC, again...

bergdorf spring 2011 windows

bergdorf spring 2011 windows

bergdorf spring 2011 windows

Here I go... off to NYC again, this time together with my good friend Gunn... and then also go visit some fashion... here we come!

Gunn had already been in NYC last week so she visited these AMAZING bergdorf windows! made by Jason Hackenworth, what an ARTIST! I can't imagine anything more breathtaking at the moment and they somehow do evoke a terrific feeling for Spring... somehow... who could imagine that balloons could look like THIS!

more information on NYC soon to come but for now enjoy more of Mr. Hackenworth!
(boy would I like to invite HIM to my sons birthday party and really freak everyone out...)

click here to visit the website of Jason Heckenworth

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Petit a Petit said...

If you love this, then you will love this new t.v. show called The Unpoppables. It airs on TLC in Canada!!! It's all about balloon sculptures like these...