Wakefield, Village Street Festival

 (my nonchalant mom table of goodies at the Wakefield Village Festival)

Our town had a Village Street Festival last weekend and it was exciting to see so many people in our town! It seemed to be pretty much locals as the tourists have yet to arrive this week. There was face painting, the local fire department served hot dogs and hamburgers, a karate exhibition by the Karate studio, and a young girl who figured out how to make whipped bananas! - they were delicious! just banana, nothing else... crazy, but ohh soo good!

All the town merchants came out to the street for a fun afternoon! In the evening there was a big music festival and a lighting of fire in the river... it was all fun and games! The kids were blowing balloons, playing chess on a GIANT chess board and that general running around!

I hope that you can come next time as this will certainly be an annual festival!

(that's my mother-in-law with her wonderful sunglasses! - she LOVES green!)