handmade toy alliance

Looking for a really great toy gift... something completely unique, perhaps even with the child's name on it!? Well look no further! The Handmade Toy Alliance is a group of toymakers that are continuing the tradition of handmade toys in the USA. I browsed through the list of toymakers and I was amazed at the selection of brilliant toys, you can even search by State to find a toymaker near you! What could be better, this is great for retailers and also consumers, parents who are looking for very special toys for their children.

Take a look through their 442 retail shops and toymakers! Here are a few special things that I found today but I could keep looking....

(bath boats - click here for website)

(hand made crafting toys - Beka in Minneapolis MN)

(handmade trucks! - click here)

(plush toys and blankets)

Visit the Handmade Toy Alliance to find perfect handmade treasures for gift and your own kids! It will take some looking around but I am sure that this is one of the most complete list of toymakers that you will find!

click here to visit Handmade Toy Alliance