new homepage...

Nonchalant Mom has a new homepage! It was really hard for me to change from the last one because I really liked it but... then I came upon these great photos... and the change became easier! Both of the looks are from the Atsuyo et Akiko collection of kids accessories (and a few things for mom). We had such a fun photo shoot with this collection of crazy, fun and just totally irresistible things for kids.

Our photo shoots are always fun but there was a bunch of music and dancing involved here and we had a great time! In these photos Franny is wearing mostly Atsuyo et Akiko (hairband, necklaces, feather boa and t-shirt), Nico Nico shorts, and wovenplay socks (a couple of sizes too big.. hence over the knee).

Here Franny is wearing a Organic cotton black dress from BO de Bo (she is crazy about this dress because it twirls so very nicely!) Atsuyo et Akiko hairband and necklace and in the third photo she has the wings on (I think these are sold out at the moment but I will have more soon).

In case you need a favorite bag for the summer... Atsuyo et Akiko's JE TAiME bag is perfection! not too big... not too small, JUST RIGHT!

Thank you Atsuyo et Akiko... you guys are wonderful! I am interviewing the girls at the moment so you will learn more about them in the coming weeks.

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