Tortoise - Venice, CA - exhibition: satsuma mono

My favorite store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California is Tortoise, it has amazing things going on all the time, I wish I lived nearby so that I could attend them. But I wanted to tell you all about this in case you are able to get down there to see:

SATSUMA MONO - craft.design.food.customs from the Southern part of Japan.

Tortoise will be hosting this Craft Fair of objects and crafts from the Southern region of Japan called Satsuma. The name "Satsuma" is commonly used for a kind of orange in Calfornia, but at "Satsuma mono" you will see products that are made by designers and craftsman from Satsuma.

This craft fair is put on by Landscape Products Co. Ltd Tokyo, Japan - they are another of my 'favorites' whom I have talked about before and are always inspiring. You can visit their website to get inspired yourself! (and don't miss the Chigo collection of kids clothing... wonderful!)

This fair has been traveling throughout Japan and I think it will be an exciting look into traditional Japanese crafts.

Opening reception: June 11th (friday) 6pm - 9pm - where you can enjoy the local Shochu tasting. (Shochu is made of spirits distilled from fermented rice, potatoes, wheat and the like and retains some of the original flavor)

The Craft fair will go on from: Friday, June 11th - Sunday, July 11th (one month)

If you live in California please stop by and don't miss it!! Say hello to Keiko for me!

Tortoise - 1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA 90291

store hours in June 2010:
monday - closed
tuesday - 12-6
wednesday - 12-6
thursday - 12-6
friday - 12-6
saturday - 12-6
sunday - 12-6

(just a reminder that Tortoise is very near my favorite restaurant.. you could make a day of it! Axe - 1009 Abbot Kinney - 310-664-9787)