teachers gifts

This may be a bit late for some of you whose kids have long been out of school, we had an extra week due to the floods earlier in the year. So tomorrow is the last day of school for our son and TODAY I just thought about the teachers gifts... bad mom!

BUT to redeem myself, it's not like I didn't put any thought into it, I have in fact been thinking about it since two months ago a customer bought a whole bunch of Margaret Solow necklaces as class gifts for a few teachers and I thought that was a really thoughtful and beautiful idea (and maybe I will do that next year!).

So herein are a few Nonchalant Mom ideas for teachers gifts:

1) Margaret Solow Wabi Sabi necklaces ($48)- they come with a little note explaining 'wabi sabi' and the beauty of all things imperfect! -just the thing for a perfect teacher!

2) Kit+Lili tote bags ($68-$78)- this is the gold standard, believe me! The teachers LOVE these!! You can't go wrong!

3) Kit+Lili zip pouches ($18-$28)- you can even put things inside for them like... a handmade note from your child, or pencils, even a I love my teacher t-shirt! (or a lucky fish one too... if you have a groovy teacher!)

4) Britt Beautiful Skin ($36) - skin brushing system! for the healthy teacher... give her glowing skin for the rest of her life!

5) Indu Lotion ($24)- maybe in a kit+lili pouch!

6) homemade granola - so your teacher can think of your child every morning... even when school is over! click here to find the Nonchalant Mom recipe or try Dinner: A Love Story, she has a great one too with this great handmade jar idea (well kind of... a little bit of Ikea involved!)

7) Lucky Fish Pillows - pillows or pillow cases - your teacher can think of you each night and wake up in the morning with you!

Teachers are great and I think that they love an end of the year thoughtful gift... at least until 6th grade... or when does it stop!?