Diem Chau - crayon statues!

I am finding myself quite the cheerleader for Diem Chau, this may very well be my THIRD blog about her! Going back to first writing about her amazing crayon statues back in 2008 and then her Blythe Dolls in 2009... Well here we are in 2010 and she is still amazing me!

I received her newsletter and there they were these super cool, very intricate, and might I add, totally chic colors and packaging -- crayon statues of the World Cup Soccer players! (nice one!!) These are so much fun and might I add.. funny! Even the arm positions are the classic stance of each of the players (not that I know them but NOW I do thanks to these little crayon guys!).

I feel as though I should give you some facts here, Diem was comissioned by Wieden + Kennedy to carve 66 crayons for this year's Nike World Cup press kits! Only 11 kits went out each with 6 of the players each -- she banged these guys out in 18 days! It all sounds brilliant and wish I was a recipient! For the time being we can just enjoy a job well done!!

And... dare I mention what a good gift this would be for Fathers Day!! She does make commissions of the crayon sculptures you can email her to get the specifics (but maybe it will have to be next year while Diem gives her hands a rest!)

visit Diem Chau's blog: 'The Pleasure of Tiny Things' by clicking here