Emily Ulmer - portrait photographer

I met Emily Ulmer online... and I fell in LOVE with her portraits of children, just simply the most beautiful approach to a child's portrait that I have come across. The kids seem so comfortable and relaxed, at home in her settings. I really have to wonder how hard she works at them because they feel so effortless - no that there is any lack of talent, on the contrary, it takes a trained eye to catch these moments and also to have the foresight to create these quiet settings.

Emily began her career taking portraits of young people in a that pivotal moment of transition from adolescence to adulthood. She has since become attracted to another key moment in life, that of childhood. She tries to capture the most natural state, without the romanticizing interpretation of adult eye. "I usually photograph children in their own environments, in order to capture a sense of their world" she says.

Emily is working on commissioned portraits as well as childrens photography, she is located in Los Angeles, California... you lucky guys.. if she was only closer to Rhode Island!

Thank you Emily for such beautiful work!