HBO documentary series: Gasland

Throughout the summer on Monday nights HBO has been airing a series of documentaries, I think that this is the third or so already (you can see them all on On Demand, they have all been great so far!) but this one has a real telling story: Gasland - follows Josh Fox while he finds out more about the natural gas drilling practices in the United States. The film won the special jury prize at Sundance 2010.

The film will air on Monday, June 21st on HBO at 9pm. So don't miss it!
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Drilling for natural gas relies on a process of special concern in the film know as hydraulic fracturing or "fracking". In fracking, companies inject, at high pressure, into each well up to 8 million gallons of water and toxic chemicals (like kerosene and eiesel fuel). This fluid fractures underground formations, unlocking natural gas that had been trapped. Filmmaker Josh Fox takes a closer look at natural gas drilling and fracking and their effects on communities in the award winning documentary called Gasland.

If you would like to read more visit the HBO website to see a trailer
Information taken from the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) website