Jann talks about travelling in South Africa (just in time for World Cup!)

Thank god I started Nonchalant Mom... because this is how I met Jann Cheifitz who IS Lucky Fish. Many times I think what would I do without her in my life, she is so very balanced, calm, and her approach to work is well, just the way I like it! We work great together, "Jann I need more t-shirts!!" is a frequent email subject! But our lives cross paths on many subjects and I love that about her... and HEY, Nonchalant Mom would not be half as cool without her whispering in my ear!

Recently Jann wrote a blog for BozAround, which is a family travel blog run by Vanessa Boz, a self described world traveler! So, where is the hot ticket this summer... SOUTH AFRICA! And who better to ask about that than Jann. She wrote a wonderful blog for BozAround that is filled with tips and information on Cape Town and local haunts from the South African native, and if you think she is hip on New York (well really it's Brooklyn she is passionate about) wait until you read about what she as to say about Cape Town!

The blog is filled with dozens of links to amazing restaurants, hotels and sites and rather than going into detail here I am going to ask you to click directly through to BozAround. (because for all of you who do NOT have a blog you have no idea how long it takes to write a blog with this many links!!) BUT I want you to be able to click through and see all the fun and beauty that South Africa has to offer and hopefully you will be travelin' soon!


click here to visit BozAround