veja sneakers are here, they are new and ppssst... there's VELCRO! and we're doing a short sale!

We just got the new sneakers from Veja today and they are super cute... white VELCRO, yello for summer color, fair trade, organic cotton... what more could you ask for!!!!

We are doing a small SALE for a week, just to get you warmed up to the love that is VEJA! I can tell you all about the good work that they do, but visit their website and you can find more information about all of that... All that I want to tell you is that it's a well designed shoe, it's fair trade and they feel great on kids feet (I know because my kids LOVE them!).

So here are the two new styles and then we have put them all on sale for a week so visit nonchalant mom until Sunday (5/10/09) and get your kids a sweet pair of shoes for summer on SALE!

visit veja here...
visit sale at nonchalant mom here...