garden project

I wanted to share with you the progress on our garden project... it's going very slow or let's just say that we are being kind of nonchalant about the whole thing! It took us a long time to figure out where it was going to go... and everyone I talked to said that I should put it somewhere nearby so that I would use it, take care of it, and water it frequently. So down on the far end of the property wasn't an option.. we finally decided to put it right off our deck at the front (or back... it's hard to tell!) of the house. So in the picture above, the garden will go in the 2 1/2 feet between the deck and the rock (that sander is jumping on), and then it will be 24 feet long... so it's really long and skinny.

We decided this would make the garden fun, easy and accessible so that the kids would use it too. Another problem is animals, we have everything; deer, birds, squirrels, etc... and if the garden is right off the front of the house we hope we won't get too many animals chomping at it.

It's still a work in progress but by this time next week I hope that you will finally see a photo of our tiny sprouts planted... to be continued!!