8 Things to Consider (Maybe More?)

a new pillow in the works!

Our friend Blair at Wise Craft has a few ideas how to brighten up your family life/home life. We wanted to share them with you! Of course, this is an open-ended list, so if you want to share an idea to add to the list - please do so! Here is what Blair suggests:

1. Every room needs a bit of patchwork.

2. Put a child's artwork in a nice frame and hang it where its seen by all because it will always look good.

Blair's daughter Emma created this!

3. Buy secondhand furniture pieces and redo them. It gives you something to talk about when you have people over.

4. Everything you decorate your house with should have a story behind it. Think about what I mean here and go with it, I promise you won't regret it.

goodnight moon quilt

5. A dreary day can always be made better with good tea, a handmade quilt to lay under, and a decorating magazine.

6. If you want your home to smell wonderful, bake bread or make cookies with your kids.

homemade cookies!

a Tour de France 'King of the Mountain Jersey' re-invented!

7. Sew up your brightest, happiest fabrics into pillow covers and scatter them all over the furniture.

8. Use all the good stuff you have (china, silver, bed linens) everyday.