mothers day ideas

I thought I would toss out some mothers day ideas, I'm sorry it's kind of late but it's been really busy around here!! garden, cooking, new recipes, oh, yes and Nonchalant Mom has been really busy! yay! I am very glad that you seem to have really liked the collections, I love all of them too! But back to our subject... MOTHERS DAY!

We try not to buy into the Mothers Day hype, but personally I think that Mothers day and Fathers day are two of the best 'holidays' ever. We like to treat it like a very special day and I get to choose what we do! Which, due to it's date in early May usually entails putting the screens on the windows, washing windows, working in the yard, or this year it will be working in our garden! These tasks may seem like work to you but my favorite is that technically it's "My Day" so everyone has to be really nice to me while they are working... it's great! Everyone works like dogs and then someone, besides me, makes dinner (my husband is a terrific cook!) and a foot massage (between my kids and my husband I would have to say that my husband is better at this too, although my three year old daughter is pretty good too, just kidding!). Oh, and breakfast in bed is essential... right!?

If you happen to be a gift kind of person, hey I have nothing against you... I am just jealous! Here are some of my favorites:

1) Anything from Matta (available on my website!)

2) Bea Bag by Rosenberg from Denmark (okay this is on my website too!)
3) Robin Mollicone tiny, tiny, tiny bead necklaces! (also on nonchalant mom)
4) the new Neko Case CD - middle cyclone
5) lisa bengtsson familjen wallpaper

6) cement and flocked flowerpot by robert haslbeck

7) silver clogs!

8) tie dye stripe t-shirt
9) and last but not least anything from Tortoise in Venice Beach, CA (image at top)

there you have it!! some fun things for mommy!

happy mothers day (I'll say it again on the day I promise!)