more images to see on Nonchalant Mom

We have added a new function to the Nonchalant Mom website to help you see more of each of the products and more images to help you make better decisions. I hope that this is helpful and I would be interested to hear from everyone on whether or not this is helpful!

The following collections have the new picture show function:
antik batik

baby version rock
lucky fish

So here is how it works -- roll over the top bar of images and it will ask you to click anywhere to see a picture show, this will bring you to more images that you can click through as a slidehow or you can click on the image that you want to see closer.

We are working on making Nonchalant Mom easier and more fun for you to visit and shop and well... make just looking around better! So if you have any ideas please let us know!
(please also tell me things that drive you crazy about my website... you can hold back your comments on my spelling and grammar though.. I don't think it's going to get any better any time soon... I'm sorry about that!)

Thank you!!