DIY: Notebook Covers

So, we've been sort of mumbling to each other today about not being able to get up to speed on any projects, large or small, since the long weekend passed. But, we think that Blair over at WiseCraft has a fun project that just might break the doldrums - and even get the kids involved. Take it away Blair:

fabric covered moleskines -
I love a pretty notebook. Here's one of those projects that time spent is nothing compared to satisfaction gained. Less than 30 minutes, start to finish for a pack of 3 moleskine journal. Its great if you're like me and have the really pretty fabric and have absolutely nowhere to use it in a project at the moment (a large scrap would do one journal).

Do you need instructions? Probably not, but in case-

Materials needed:
1. A pack of 3 Moleskine journals- I recommend getting the kraft brown covered ones, the other colors might show through the fabric.

2. 3 scraps of fabric you love (important!) measuring at least 11" x 9".

3. 1"-1 1/2" wide twill tape to add to the inside front or back cover to hold a pen (I was playing around with this as you can see in the first photo, but decided against it on my set).

4. Double sided fusible webbing, approximately same amount of you have in fabric (I used wonder under because I had it, but there are many kinds.)

5. Iron, ironing board

6. GOOD music (this project barely requires thought).

How to make:
1. Cut a piece of the fusible webbing slightly larger than the size of your journal when opened and completely flat.
2. Iron the fusible webbing onto your scrap fabric's wrong side, following the package instructions.
3. When cooled, peel the paper backing off the webbing.
4. Center the journal on fabric's wrong side, making sure you have it centered within the area covered by the fusible webbing. Now close the journal, keeping the fabric folded around it.
5. With your iron, hold the journal in your hand, spine up, and carefully iron the spine area to gently adhere the fusible webbing there first.
6. Once you feel that's set, open the journal, cover facing up, and in small sections, begin adhere the fusible webbing to the journal cover. You will see it start to adhere. Be careful not to adhere the fabric to your ironing board! Allow to cool slightly.
7. Trim the fabric completely flush with the edges of the journal cover all around, then iron the corners and edges of your journal again to be sure all are fused together.
8. You're done! Unless you want to add a nameplate, that would be fun. (follow same directions with a small square of fabric, which you can write on, embroidery on, etc, then adhere to the fabric on the outside of the journal. You could also stitch around the outside edges of the cover for decoration.)