Crafting with the Kids: Peg Dolls

Raining outside, Nothing to do for the afternoon? The kids feeling a little lost and lots of energy with nowhere to go? Get creative! We asked Blair over at WiseCraft what she might suggest as a little project the kids could enjoy - seeing as our kids were not going to just fall for the piece of paper and draw me a picture deal.... Blair said this:

My kids and I have made peg dolls for many years. They are so easy and fun to personalize and a fun project to do together. Here's how we make them.

the Supplies

Peg Dolls Supplies:
1.wooden clothespins or pegs (these are sold in any craft store, and there are several variations of them, we like the kind that can stand on their own.
2. scraps of pretty fabric
3. pieces of yarn or string
4. a pair of scissors
5. some basic glue
6. black fineline pen
7. pink fine tip marker (optional, for rosy cheeks).

Basic Directions:
1. Draw a face on the top of the peg with the black marker, add rosy cheeks if you'd like.
2. Let your child pick out their favorite fabric scraps, then wrap it around the body of the peg a couple of times, help them secure it with a length of yarn tied around the middle for a belt.
3. For the hair, wide yarn around 4 fingers a couple of times, secure in the middle with a length of matching yarn, then cut the loops at either end. Apply glue to the top of the peg, and glue the hair on.

They are ready to play! These pegs are similar in size to our Playmobil people, and also work perfectly in our dollhouse. Here are some pictures of one reading her diary and another one painting and talking to her friend the elephant.