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Emma and Blair

Keeping with the theme of her Japanese Craft Books, we asked Blair at WiseCraft to share with us her take on friendship bracelets:

I kind of lost it when this book Misanga Promise Ring first came in the mail, a gift from my friend Jen. She had sent it to me after reading all my ramblings about friendship rings. I'm not surprised that the Japanese can elevate the humble friendship bracelet to a work of art and the images in this book are beautiful. Deciphering the language is a different matter if you don't read Japanese - and it almost seems to make more sense when I don't read them over so many times!
Nonetheless, I enjoy every minute of making these! I really love any excuse to buy more DMC embroidery floss, its like cheap craft fun. Just pick out every single color you like and try spending over a few bucks.

Heartwarming Life Series: Misanga Promise Ring

My daughter Emma and I usually get in a mood to weave friendship bracelets around this time of year. For some reason, nothing makes me happier than seeing a kid with an armful of friendship bracelets that have gone through numerous showers, baths, swimming pools, and hikes through the woods. This is truly one of those crafts that stay with you...meaning you learn how, clicking the rhythmic weaving action together in your brain, and it only takes a minute or so each spring to get back on board with remembering how. We use a safety pin to pin the end of it to the knees of our pant legs as we weave, but you can also use a clipboard. The challenge is to keep them on all summer, cutting them off only at summer's end. Let me know if you have any questions.

Samples from the book...


apples for poppy anne said...

It has been so long since I have made one of these!! We used to make spiral ones that we could modify and weave into/around a small chunk of hair...I still wish I could get someone to do a nice one for my hair again!
You have inspired me to start making these again!
Thank you!

Leslie said...

where can I get that book? I would love to make them in my camp fire group! So cool!

Ugga Mugga said...

You can purchase it through this link: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=53971&u=270688&m=8848&urllink=&afftrack= for only $17.50 shipped!


robin said...

i love friendship bracelets! now, i just have to find my embroidery floss....

blair said...

The ISBN# for this book is ISBN# 978-4-529-04355-7. Do a search on the yesasia.com website for that # and if they have it, it will come up (I think someone else in the comments may have pointed to yesasia as well.)

Rebecca Walker said...