BPA and baby bottles

It's hard these days to keep track of all the evils that are out there but BPA is one of those things that most of us has heard about and if not I will just tell you that most plastic bottles are made with it (apparently it makes the plastic harder) and all canned goods are lined with it, if you want to learn more about it click here. But in March 2009 three states attorneys general (Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware) asked the top six baby bottle makers to stop using it. So now, Avent, Disney first years, Dr. Brown, Evenflow, Gerber and Playtex will all stop using BPA in baby bottle manufacture.

In the article that I found in the medlines website they go on to say "
Legislators in Suffolk County, New York, unanimously voted last week to ban polycarbonate baby bottles and sippy cups marketed for children age 3 and under, making the county the first jurisdiction in the US to ban BPA products. Canada banned BPA-based baby bottles in April 2008, with the expectation that bans on all BPA-based products will follow soon."

I think this is such good news and hopefully we will follow suit with Canada and not have to worry about BPA's anymore!

to read more click here.

Or you can just use these wonderfully colorful glass bottles from wee-go with a silicone sleeve that keeps them safe from breaking! I think I would go with this choice!!


Kristin said...

I'm so thankful that more spotlight is being put on this. I've been using Born Free bottles since the dude was born 10 mos. ago and I love them!

Besma said...

We've been using glass bottles for this reason. I didn't know about the lining of canned food, though... Do you have some further information on this, Carina?

MamaAngel said...

This is such an important issue! Thanks for posting about it. I recently heard an NPR story about BPA being replaced in plastic products, and the biggest problem is that companies don't have to disclose *what* they are using to replace the BPA. So a product that says "BPA free" may be just as harmful as the original product! The glass bottles are definitely the way we plan to go with baby #2 if we need them, there's just not enough testing done on chemicals in the U.S. for me to feel comfortable with any plastic bottle.

lesley said...

I love the wee go bottles. Just bought several a few months ago. It is so great there are so many glass options now that there weren't a few years ago.

Niki said...

This is a great post, I can't believe that BPA isn't banned everywhere yet. We're Born Free users in our home as well, but I'll check out the wee go bottles *next time* - if we are so lucky. Ingredients in products and foods we use everyday are hidden too often. We really have to be our own food and product police. I haven't done a post about BPA yet, but check out posts about other harmful ingredients to your family, at http://spilledingredients.com/