garden progress

We finally got some work done on the garden!
so we realized a few things... for one it's too small!! this garden will feed us for about one week!
Secondly, it looks as if the things I started from seeds outside are growing faster than the seeds I started inside?! maybe they will even out after a bit, but after one week it seems funny??
We used some amazing organic compost and it looks great!
We will keep you posted and we are still excited!

It's our first attempt and we have learned some things... so that's the best part!

(we also have our compost pots going so we will let you know what comes up in those pots as soon as they start to show some signs of sprouting!)

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Anonymous said...

congratulations!!!! i love our organic garden and have found some really useful tips in a couple of books. check out the square foot garden book - it tells you how to grow tons of plants in a little space and how to keep planting through fall for maximum yields (don't use peat moss though - it's not a renewable resource!) there's also a great book on organic gardening called "great garden companions" that explains how to plant combinations of plants that are symbiotic so that you don't need to use pestisides and fertilizer to have a high yield.