Wal-Mart has chosen to be a leader in affordable good food for families

Michelle Obama, the first lady, has joined the company's effort to get consumers to eat healthier foods.

The New York Times today reported that Wal-Mart is making big changes in their food offering, what a welcome idea! In an article entitled "Wal-Mart Shifts Strategy to Promote Healthy Foods", Wal-Mart who is the biggest supplier of groceries in the United States, has pledged it's force behind the idea that Americans should be eating healthier foods. They should be eating foods that are lower in sodium and what I love best about the plan is that it has offered to lower prices on fruits and vegetables, enticing people to eat whole foods rather than processed foods. They have also stated that the price decrease will come from the Wal-Mart end and not from the farmer, hoping to sell more volume to make up for the lower price.

Michelle Obama has gotten behind Wal-Mart by attending the press conference to announce the plan, this is the first time that Mrs. Obama has thrown her support for a single company. Which for me, lends credibility to the whole plan. The announcement is a long-term plan that will reduce the amount of sodium in the Wal-Mart house brand, as well as lowering trans fats and added sugars. Apparently, this decision was driven by the customer who was asking why is it that the foods that are better for you cost more? Customers shouldn't have to pay more to feed their family in a better way -- sounds so obvious doesn't it! Wal-Mart is hoping that this will push other companies to move in the same direction.

It will be interesting to see how this all goes over, they have not yet developed the new formulations with less salt and I am sure that the average consumer will note the change in taste, but I feel that it is only a matter of time for palates to change. Hopefully the consumer will have the patience for that change and understand that it is all for the better health of the public.

Well it's about TIME!

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