trip around the world!

(singapore - the city that never sleeps, under construction)

(on the breach in Brazil)

Vanessa Boz of the wonderful travel blog - Boz Around (I always check with her when traveling with kids to see if she has any tips... hers are the greatest!). At the moment she is traveling around the world with her family (including two tiny kids in tow!) and her insights about the places she is visiting are indispensable and this is not the first time I have written about her. She has helped us on a few trips, if you are going somewhere just check her blog and click on the city or place and you have an instant guide!

But for now her travels around the world are just happening so it's delightful to check in and see what is going on as soon as she posts! Where are they? where are they going? what's next and what's happening! It's all great! Her images are wonderful too such a great help to see and visualize. So visit BozAround today and get a glimpse of a real fun seasoned and exciting traveler!

I'm warning you now... traveling can be catchy... just like a cold!

click here to visit BozAround