behind your kids....

Some new parents might not know the difference, because I didn't, until it was pointed out to me by my husband. It will make your life a thousand times easier if you stay one step in front of your kids! I'll tell you how I know this... because I have done it both ways. I think that our family works like many families, at the moment my husband travels quite a bit for about two weeks at a time and this happens just about every other month or more. I can sympathize with single parents, you have to be on top of your game and if you let your guard down for a moment, DROP goes the ball and there you are trying to pick up after your kids (literally and metaphorically). But I tell you if you can stay in front of the ball it can be amazingly enjoyable and your kids are a delight... in fact, it's amazing to see them step up to the plate and help out.

The problem is that your kids are always following your lead, so you drop the ball and it's hard to get it back. Let me explain myself a bit, this whole concept came to my mind because at the moment I fell behind and I am struggling to get ahead of the ball, snow days, sicknesses, a messy house, laundry, and a business to run can all pile up if you don't take care of things every day. Last week I let the movie theater suck me in and so I lost a day at work (how does the cinema do that!?)... it hasn't been the same since! But all it takes is to recognize it and set yourself up for a catch-up day.

wake up, shower, make lunches, take kids to school, aaaahhhhh..., go running, write a blog, answer emails, (while doing laundry), clean desk (clear completely), make a to-do list, go through the list and methodically do everything! - have the evening with the kids all planned out (again, you are ahead of the ball), pick up kids... play, have fun, homework, dinner, showers, read, bed... fold laundry and GO TO BED EARLY! (that's always hard for me)... and tomorrow BOOM you are ahead of your kids! In the drivers seat again and things just get better from here on out...

It makes my life so much easier, and fun and since I am easily frustrated this makes me a much happier person to be with and things can roll off my back much easier than when I am chasing everything down. It doesn't take more coffee, it just means taking control of your day.

good luck today and plow through it like we all do!


Iman said...

get out of my head!! Did you write this just for me!?!
I swear I woke up this morning after spending all day yesterday doing n.o.t.h.i.n.g. and felt like crap! I rushed around this morning all frustrated trying to get the kids ready, although it was my fault that I woke up late.
My husband travels a ton as well and it's so hard. We find a groove and then like you said fall off for a bit.
This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. Thanks :)

p.s. I read your blog all the time, I have you on my blog roll, not sure if I ever commented, so if not, I love and totally appreciate your blog posts!!

Angela said...

I totally needed to hear this Carina!! It's always crazy when I get back from work travel and this has completely motivated me.

Perfect timing. XOXO