pretty mommy

One of my favorite blogs is pretty mommy, somehow I think we live a parallel life, we like the same things, she lives in minnesota, and well.. you just know when you like the same things! Pretty Mommy's name is Michelle - so what I don't give you in the way of dreams, design and terrific images you can certainly get your fill from Michelle - PRETTY MOMMY!

Recently she had a wonderful post and part of it was a few photos of the Lennon family (John, Yoko and sean) together with a quip that john made about playing with your kids that I thought was interesting. (I don't know if you saw this article on John Lennon in Rolling Stone but it looks good)

Mostly Michelle will just give you inspiration on how to look great, live great and have fun while you are doing it! Her husband is a musician so that helps too, from time to time she will give you a music tip that is just sublime!

Have a great day!

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Joslyn said...

michelle is one of my very favorites as well!

Pretty Mommy said...

Carina, you are just all kinds of awesome - I'm a huge, longtime admirer of you and your shop!! Thank you so much for this sweet write up...Hopefully one day we can have coffee when you are in MN for a visit ;)

Asher Seveland said...

oh, my goodness. just last night i was thinking about Michelle mentioning Carina because i regularly follow both! now, i go to leave a comment and Joslyn was here too! (i feel awkward addressing y'all by name) You ladies are all so inspiring and seriously three of my top blogs. in fact you have lit a fire under me to start a blog as well. maybe soon, i'll have the guts to get my blog out there too. thanks for sharing so much!