Make 2011 the Year of the Vegetable!

This idea comes from Mr. George Ball, who wrote an inspiring and simple story in the Wall Street Journals Op-ed section in yesterdays paper (click here to see full article on the Burpee website). What I like about the piece, besides it being totally true and makes perfect sense, is that he calls for action by parents to get their kids interested in vegetables, it's as simple as that! Not some complicated diet, just as simple as give your kids vegetables and they will eventually like them (so true!!), let your kids grow vegetables and they will love them even more!

If you want to do something new this year why not make it the year of the vegetable for your family! Let everyone in on it and make sure you are using vegetables in each meal! Meatless mondays, a terrific idea! Give yourself the chance to make a meal surrounded by vegetables (if you want protein just add a few slices of cheese to the table or as the desert after dinner). Its a wonderful way to make sure everyone in your family is healthier and happier.

If you can bring your family to embrace and love vegetables it will be a wonderful change for you and your family. Start with this idea and then grow over the years to enjoy and taste raw food, macrobiotics, juicing, whatever direction you want to go! Start your family garden and you just watch, even if you do it by yourself everyone will get curious about it and want to join in! There is nothing funner than getting ready to make dinner and asking your kids so see what you have in the garden! So let's take this good idea, The Year of the Vegetable and run with it!

Mr. Ball is the chairman and ceo of the national gardening company Burpee. A lifelong gardener and horticulturist, Mr. Ball is a strong advocate for the benefits of gardening with children.  He is credited with initiating a national children’s gardening program in 1993, along with numerous other children’s garden initiatives across the country, while President of the American Horticultural Society.

click here to see the WSJ full article on the Burpee website

if you need some further inspiration I think this book looks fantastic! (its by Patricia Kite)